FPGA Designers Start with Altera Nios II Processor Core

According to a Gartner report, Market Trends: ASIC Design Starts 2007, Nios® II processor core, from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR), is the FPGA industry’s most widely used soft processor based on design starts. Altera’s Nios II processor core is a configurable, 32-bit FPGA-based soft microprocessor that is used in a wide variety of applications and end markets such as wireline, broadcast, military, wireless, automotive, and consumer.

Market Trends: ASIC Design Starts 2007 includes analysis of:

  • ASIC Designs Starts
  • Total ASIC Gates Designed per Year Continues to Rise
  • Global Design Start Trends
  • ASIC and ASSP Design Starts
  • Regional ASIC Design Starts
  • FPGA/PLD Design Starts
  • ASIC Design Starts by Application Market

Altera has shipped over 20,000 Nios II development kits and over 5,000 customers worldwide have adopted Nios II embedded processors into their products. Within a few minutes, FPGA designers can build exact-fit processor systems with custom-configured processor cores, peripherals, memory interfaces, and custom hardware peripherals.

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