Precision RTL Plus Features Stratix III FPGA Support

Precision® RTL Plus, from Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), is the industry’s first vendor-independent physical synthesis to support the Altera® Stratix® III field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The Precision RTL Plus product can help users achieve faster timing closure, which could lower overall FPGA design development costs. According to tests conducted by Altera, Mentor’s Precision RTL Plus product achieved performance improvement of over 8% for Stratix III designs, compared to Precision Synthesis.

Altera and Mentor Graphics have worked closely together over the last six months, ensuring that their mutual customers will benefit from the increased productivity and comprehensive design synthesis support in using the Precision RTL Plus product for Altera Stratix III devices. Mentor’s support for Stratix III devices is available now with the Precision 2007a Update 1 and later versions, and it is compatible with Altera Quartus® II design software version 7.2 and above.

The Precision Synthesis product is currently the only synthesis tool which offers true push-button, multi-vendor physical synthesis for achieving the best quality of results. With comprehensive language support, including SystemVerilog, advanced ASIC prototyping flow and automatic incremental synthesis, the Precision Synthesis product is suited to handle today’s high-end FPGAs. The Precision Synthesis product features excellent design analysis capability, allowing designers to cross-probe between multiple views as well as perform interactive static timing “what-if” analyses. Precision Synthesis reduces design iterations, and enables faster, more predictable completion of designs, while delivering high quality of results.

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