Altera Zero-Power MAX IIZ CPLDs

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) created the zero-power MAX® IIZ CPLD to address the power, package and price constraints of the portable applications market. Offering a resource advantage of up to six times the density and three times the I/Os compared to competing traditional macrocell-based CPLDs, MAX IIZ devices allow designers to meet changing functional requirements at the same or lower power while saving board space. MAX IIZ devices deliver the many benefits of CPLDs—including flexibility, faster time to market, and board-level integration—to handsets and other portable applications. Altera optimized MAX IIZ devices to offer the best combination of zero power, small package,and low cost.

MAX IIZ devices are available in densities of 240 and 570 logic elements (LEs). The devices are available in ultra-small MBGA packages with up to 160 I/Os. This increased logic density and greater I/O count allow greater integration of existing functions from other devices, substantially reducing board space and power consumption while lowering overall system costs.

MAX IIZ devices break through the power, space and cost limitations of traditional macrocell-based CPLDs by combining non-volatility and instant-on performance with an innovative look-up table (LUT) logic structure. The devices utilize a 0.18-micron process, 1.8V core voltage and 6-metal-layer flash to provide both high functionality and zero-power consumption in a single device. The advanced system features of MAX IIZ CPLDs , such as user flash memory, an internal oscillator, cost optimization, greater density, smaller packages and lower power consumption, far surpass those of all traditional macrocell-based CPLDs.


  • Low power consumption—as low as 29 µA. With the industry’s lowest dynamic and static power consumption, MAX IIZ can meet the needs of the most demanding battery or low-power applications.
  • Ultra-small packages—as small as 5 mm x 5 mm. MAX IIZ CPLDs provide up to 6X the density and 3X the I/O resources in the same package sizes as traditional macrocell-based CPLDs. This means you will be able to pack greater functionality into a smaller PCB space.
  • Greater logic integration at a lower price. Low-cost MAX IIZ CPLDs will help you deliver feature-rich portable products at competitive prices.

Production-qualified MAX IIZ EPM240Z M68 devices will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2008 at US$1.25 in high volumes. All MAX IIZ devices will be shipping in production by the second quarter of 2008. The MAX IIZ demo board will be available by the second quarter of 2008.

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