Altera M164 Packaging for Cyclone III FPGA

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) announced the availability of their new 8×8 mm2 packaging (M164) for its family of 65-nm Cyclone® III FPGAs. Designers of space-constrained high-volume applications in consumer, military and industrial markets can now take advantage of the combined lowest power and density leadership of the Cyclone III devices.

The new 8×8 mm2 164-pin package with up to 16K logic elements (LEs) extends the Cyclone III FPGA’s high-density small-package offering that includes 14×14 mm2 256-pin (U256) and 17×17 mm2 484-pin (U484) packages. Each of these packages offers the highest amount of logic and I/Os for its footprint, allowing engineers to use FPGAs in new applications, such as handheld radios, satellite phones, I/O modules, and consumer displays.

Cyclone III devices consume 75% less power than competing FPGAs while delivering 5K to 120K LEs, up to 4 Mbits of memory and up to 288 digital signal processing (DSP) multipliers. Further, the Cyclone III FPGA family delivers as much as 60 percent faster performance than competing low-cost FPGAs. Built on TSMC’s 65-nm Low-Power (LP) process, the Cyclone III family includes devices that are qualified for commercial, industrial and extended temperatures.

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