Safety Critical DO-254 Nios II Embedded Processor

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) and HCELL Engineering has developed a safety-critical version of Altera’s Nios® II embedded processor. The embedded processor core complies with the objectives and requirements of the DO-254 hardware avionic standard and meets the highest design-assurance levels. This safety-critical version of the Nios II processor is offered through HCELL Engineering to customers who must comply with DO-254 requirements.

HCELL Engineering will provide complete DO-254 certification for the safety-critical Nios II embedded processor, including source code and documentation such as a PHAC-plan for hardware certification, a hardware design document (HDD) and a hardware accomplishment summary (HAS). Airborne electronic hardware designers complying with the DO-254 standard can leverage this soft processor core while minimizing obsolescence in systems that typically have long life cycles. The safety-critical Nios II embedded processors are implemented within Altera’s portfolio of Cyclone® and Stratix® FPGAs and HardCopy® ASICs.

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