DO-254 Global Partner Network

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) launched the DO-254 Global Partner Network. Altera, Aldec, Geensys, HighRely, and HCELL Engineering provide a comprehensive environment of DO-254-certifiable intellectual property (IP) cores, in-hardware verification flows and documentation. The inaugural partners provide specialty solutions and services that enable Altera® FPGA and HardCopy® ASIC solutions to be quickly approved and implemented in avionics and military applications. The DO-254 Global Partner Network targets customers requiring DO-254 Level A, B, C or D compliance.

The DO-254 standard was developed by the avionics industry to establish hardware deployment guidelines for developers, verification engineers, quality managers, installers and users. The standard provides design assurance and guidance for airborne electronic hardware designers, from conception through initial certification and subsequent post-certification product improvements to ensure continued airworthiness.

The DO-254 Global Partner Network provides military and avionics companies with a low-risk, highly efficient design environment and validation process. Each partner brings valuable experience and solutions to the DO-254 design process, including verification (Aldec), consulting, documentation and training (Geensys for Europe and HighRely for North America), and IP cores (HCELL Engineering).

All partners are closely linked with Altera, enabling customers to implement Altera’s Cyclone® FPGAs, Stratix® FPGAs, Arria(tm) GX FPGAs and HardCopy ASICs into their system. Customers requiring DO-254 certification can rely on Altera to assist in the requirements and delivery process for their projects. Altera is working with additional companies to incorporate their DO-254 offerings into the Global Partner Network.

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