AKA PRISM405 Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module

The PRISM405 is Advanced Knowledge Associates’ (AKA) latest PRISM (Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module). The high-end, low power PRISM405 is the first available product to be based on an Altera FPGA and features extensive high-speed connectivity capabilities including integrated PCIe. The PRISM405 features a high level of hardware and software integration and flexibility, employing a high-performance Freescale PowerPC processor coupled with the low-power, high-density, Altera Cyclone III FPGA.

Mastered by the MPC8544/E processor, PRISM405 delivers best-in-class performance with speeds up to 1.067 GHz and features double precision floating point and integrated security engines. The PRISM405 provides a powerful complement of memory together with extensive high-speed connectivity options including Gigabit Ethernet, serial RapidIO(tm) interconnect technology and PCI Express for control, communication and data storage purposes.

AKA’s latest PRISM extends the performance and reach of the microcontroller via a high-performance proprietary interface that bridges to the Altera Avalon switch fabric in the Cyclone III FPGA facilitating a true, dual processor system capable of implementing nearly any desired expansion interface. By arbitrating transactions in a standard Altera Nios II embedded processor system within the FPGA, a host of custom peripherals can be added to the MPC8544/E embedded processor with ease and rapidity.

The PRISM405 architecture is modular in nature, allowing for ease of integration of custom user logic and or custom peripheral bridging functions. The PRISM405 also comes fully equipped with on board programmable clocks, voltage regulators, and power monitors, removing these critical and often difficult hardware elements from the designer’s plate, accelerating the design cycle while facilitating the absolute fastest time to market.

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