Accverinos All-in-One Baseboard B-11, Stratix III Edition

The All-in-One Baseboard B-11, Stratix III edition from Accverinos offers design engineers a verification platform rich with logic, memory, and digital signal processing (DSP). The All-in-One Baseboard B-11 features an Altera® EP3SL340 FPGA. Designers developing high-performance video and imaging, communications and industrial applications can use Stratix III devices as ASIC prototypes that run at or near system speeds. The All-in-One Baseboard B-11, Stratix III FPGA edition, is available now from Accverinos.

The Stratix III FPGA featured in the All-in-One Baseboard B-11 offers DDR2 interface speeds up to 667 Mbps and up to 340,000 logic elements. The B-11 board implements the connector and PHY for Gigabit Ethernet, which are tested by the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet MAC intellectual property (IP) core. Users can simply integrate Ethernet connection by using the Altera IP core. The B-11 board integrates DVI input and output with USB 2.0 and SD card interfaces, allowing its broad use in various consumer and industrial applications. The All-in-One Baseboard B-11 can connect to other boards through HSMC and Samtec 120-pin connectors, expanding its connectivity, logic capacity and system features.

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