Altera EP3C120 Cyclone III FPGAs

Altera (Nasdaq: ALTR) unveiled their EP3C120 65-nm Cyclone(R) III FPGA family. Consuming only a fraction of the power needed by other FPGAs of comparable capacity, the EP3C120 is ideal for a broad range of applications requiring both high integration and low power, such as wireless communications infrastructure, software defined radio, and video processing and imaging.

Compared to other FPGAs of similar density that typically consume more than a watt of standby power, the EP3C120 devices consume less than 200-mW standby power. Power consumption is an increasing concern among developers as both businesses and consumers look for environmentally responsible products that reduce energy consumption and costs. The low power consumption of the EP3C120 enables it to uniquely address power-sensitive applications or applications in thermally challenging environments where the heat generated by device operation cannot easily be dissipated, affecting product reliability and cost.

Cyclone III FPGAs, which uses TSMC’s 65nm low-power (LP) process, offer low power, a rich supply of logic (5K to 120K logic elements), memory (up to 4 Mbits) and digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities (up to 288 DSP multipliers).

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