Crossbeam Switches to Stratix FPGA

Crossbeam Systems is using Altera (NASDAQ: ALTR) devices in its next-generation line of X-Series security services switches. Crossbeam’s X-Series switches are the industry’s only open and scalable security platforms with carrier-class availability running multiple security applications from leading vendors.

Crossbeam, the leader in enterprise and carrier-class unified threat management (UTM) solutions for the world’s largest networks, uses several Altera devices, including Stratix(R) II GX FPGAs, in each of its new switches. The devices provide high-speed links between sub-systems, reducing latency and increasing availability. The Stratix II GX FPGAs implement PCI Express x8 interfaces and a custom 4-Gbps serial interface that enables high-speed communication between system modules. The 4-Gbps serial interfaces can also run in a 2-Gbps mode to allow the next-generation modules to communicate with legacy modules. Crossbeam chose Altera’s industry-leading transceiver-based FPGAs to deliver speeds and functionality that are not possible with other vendors’ solutions.

Crossbeam adopted the Stratix II GX devices to allow its designers to meet aggressive product rollout schedules and complete the development of their latest product in the shortest time. Altera’s PCI Express x8 solution, including MegaCore(R) intellectual property (IP), worked flawlessly in Crossbeam’s application, further shortening development time. To accomplish reliable data transmission at the 40-Gbps system throughput rate achieved by the X-Series, Crossbeam requires the highest degree of signal integrity, which is provided by Stratix II GX devices. Crossbeam leverages FPGA reconfigurability to enable seamless interoperability with their legacy products. Upon installation, boards configure themselves to recognize legacy versus new add-in cards.

In addition to Stratix II and Stratix II GX devices, Crossbeam also uses Altera’s Cyclone II FPGAs, MAX(R) II CPLDs, and MegaCore IP, including PCI Express, SPI-4.2, and high-performance memory interfaces.

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