Acromag APCe8650 IndustryPack Carrier Cards

The new Acromag APCe8650 IndustryPack (IP) carrier cards feature an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA. The PCI Express carrier card routes power and bus signals to four IndustryPack mezzanine modules to create custom I/O processing boards. The modules are ideal for high-performance industrial, defense, and scientific research systems requiring high-density I/O. Prices start at $750 for the standard model. The -40 to 85°C extended temperature range version costs a little more.

Acromag APCe8650 IndustryPack (IP) Carrier Cards

Acromag APCe8650 IP Carrier Card Features

  • Altera Cyclone IV FPGA
  • Interfaces I/O mezzanine modules to a PCI Express embedded computer system
  • Four IP module slots (ANSI/VITA 4 mezzanine)
  • Compatible IP modules are available for A/D, D/A, digital I/O, and serial communication functions
  • FPGA modules with configurable logic elements also available for algorithm acceleration, DSP, and adaptive computing applications
  • Support any combination of I/O functions
  • Board resides in memory space
  • Supports IP module I/O, ID, INT, and MEM spaces
  • Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt support
  • Two interrupt channels per IP module
  • Supervisory circuit reset generation
  • Individually filtered and fused power
  • Full IP module register and data access for convenient configuration or control of the I/O modules through software
  • Non-volatile ID register to identify carrier
  • Software development tools for VxWorks, Linux, and Windows environments
  • Extended temperature range version available (-40 to 85°C)
Acromag APCe8650 IP Carrier Cards

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