DAFCA, GiDEL to Integrate Verification Tools

DAFCA Incorporated and GiDEL will work closely to extend and enhance the integration of their two product families, so that the resulting products will deliver a comprehensive suite of verification/debug tools for teams using GiDEL’s reconfigurable PROC(tm) systems and DAFCA’s ClearBlue(tm) reconfigurable instruments. The combined solution will accelerate system-level transaction, function, and protocol validation, and provides a robust RTL source-level debugging capability.

GiDEL’s PROC_SoC(TM) and PROC board-level reconfigurable systems feature advanced Altera Stratix® II and Stratix III FPGAs that can be configured to emulate and verify complex SoC designs and to provide application specific acceleration for computationally intensive processing that include DSP, image processing, military and other performance critical domains.

DAFCA’s ClearBlue provides users a solution for automating SoC and ASIC system validation through a combination of “on-chip” instrumentation and “off-chip” analysis tools and applications. ClearBlue is in production today at many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, and the silicon testbench methodology has been shown to dramatically improve hardware validation and support hardware-software integration.

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