Aldec RTAX-S Prototyping Board

Aldec introduced the RTAX-S Prototyping Board for Actel’s (NASDAQ:ACTL) radiation-tolerant RTAX-S FPGAs. Easing the prototyping process of space-flight systems, the new RTAX-S Prototyping Board provides the flexibility Actel’s flash-based ProASIC3 FPGAs offer, allowing designers to utilize a design across multiple aerospace projects, shorten design cycles and lower project costs. Together with automatic primitive’s conversion and reusability of the board, Aldec’s early prototyping solution addresses challenges aerospace engineers may face during the verification process of a complex antifuse-based design.

Aldec RTAX-S Prototyping Board for Actel RTAX-S FPGA

The Prototyping solution provides engineers with a complete prototyping and verification toolset:

  • Aldec Active-HDL (Designer Edition) mixed-language simulator
  • Aldec library primitives conversion utility (built-in Active-HDL)
  • Actel Libero(R) Integrated Design Environment (IDE) – Gold edition
  • Reusable FPGA-based prototyping adaptor board with Actel’s ProASIC3 FPGA
  • FlashPro3 programmer

Prototyping adaptor is available today in two packages:

  • Prototyping bundle for $4,995.
    Includes Active-HDL (Design Edition) mixed VHDL and Verilog, built-in library primitives’ conversion utility, Actel Libero integrated design environment, prototyping adaptor, and FlashPro3 programmer.
  • Prototyping adaptor only for $3,495.
    Includes Prototyping adaptor and FlashPro3 programmer.

All licenses are for one year and can be purchased from Aldec directly or from an authorized distributor. The adaptor board is a buy-out product.

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