Advanced Knowledge Associates PRISM200 System-on-Module

The PRISM200, by Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA), is a high-performance, and hardware reconfigurable, highly integrated system on a module, designed to enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design. The PRISM200 is packaged in a 656 pin PGA with a footprint of just 3.0×3.0in. The module features the Xilinx(R) Virtex-4FX platform FPGA and leverages the device’s two embedded PowerPC(R) 405, 32-bit RISC processor cores, two Tri-mode Ethernet MACs, 622 Mbps to 6.2 Gbps serial transceiver blocks, dedicated hard DSP blocks, on-board high-speed clock management circuitry, 160+ high speed general purpose input/outputs (GPIO) and numerous other hard-IP core blocks. While the PowerPC 405 cores each feature a 32-bit Harvard Architecture, 5-Stage Execution Pipeline, with integrated L1 Instruction and Data Cache, the PRISM200 also includes on-module high-density DDR2 SDRAM, NOR, and NAND Flash memory allowing for full featured hardware software development with industry standard RTOS packages including Linux, VxWorks, and others.

The PRISM200 has massive bandwidth capabilities and is capable of moving vast amounts of data on its over 160 1Gbps+ GPIO, each supporting any of 20+ different electrical standards including HSTL, SSTL, LVDS, and LVPECL. The PRISM200 is suitable for a wide variety of embedded applications due to its high-performance, built-in native interfaces and low-power consumption. The interfaces include Dual 1553 Remote Terminal, CAN, USB, UART and Gigabit Ethernet. The module allows the user to harness SERDES technology to transfer multi-gigabits of data per second per differential trace pair.

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AKA Rolls Out High Performance PRISM200 System-on-Module
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