AKA LM150 Smart Logic Module

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) introduced the newest member of its logic module (LM) family, the high-performance LM150, which combines a 32-bit ARM9-based MCU and high-density Xilinx Spartan 3E Series FPGA fabric, as well as all associated interfaces and power circuitry Designed to facilitate accelerated advanced embedded system design. The LM150 supports a wide range of standard interfaces and includes multiple on-board functions, simplifying the system integration process.

LM150 is suitable for several vertical markets such as, medical, military and other-high performance, low power and space-constrained applications. It runs Linux or other MMU-capable operating systems and comes in a 462 pin PGA package.

The LM150 supports the following interfaces: Dual 1553RT, Dual CAN, Dual Ethernet 10/100Base-T, and USB host and device. Modules also feature an integrated high-density DRAM plus on-module FLASH which enables multiple boot images for Logic and Software Applications. LM150′s modular architecture enables easy integration of user-logic and custom peripheral chip sets. Programmable clock generation, voltage regulation and power monitoring circuitry are also included on-module.

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