Stratix II GX Transceiver Model Library

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) and Altera Corp. developed the first transceiver model library for use with Agilent’s Advanced Design System EDA software. The multi-gigabit transceiver library reduces development costs and increases productivity compared with classical analog simulation methods for multi-GHz printed circuit board and backplane signal integrity design and analysis.

With the new Stratix II GX FPGA transceiver library, designers can take advantage of advanced simulation technology for faster and more accurate high-speed serial link design. The library enables designers to accurately and quickly perform an analog simulation of the transceiver signal integrity, in conjunction with extracted or measured channel models, using Agilent’s Advanced Design System.”

Advanced Design System is a high-frequency, high-speed electronic design automation software platform. Recent releases of the software include new signal integrity capabilities, such as the addition of serializer/deserializer (SERDES)/Verilog analog mixed-signal co-simulation for a more complete signal integrity design flow for serial links.

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