Altera Cyclone III FPGA Powers Panasonic High Definition Camera Recorders

Panasonic selected Cyclone III FPGAs, from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR), for the P2 HD Professional-Broadcast High-Definition Camera-Recorders. The P2 HD AJ-HPX2700 and the P2 HD Handheld AG-HPX170 are part of a new series of tapeless cameras developed by Panasonic to meet the growing worldwide demand for high-definition (HD) broadcast. In the Panasonic P2 HD Professional Broadcast High-Definition Camera Recorders, Cyclone III FPGAs provide HD video processing, an interface to P2 memory cards and LCD display control. Cyclone III devices deliver the highest ratios of memory-to-logic and DSP-to-logic of any low-cost FPGA family, which is optimal for video processing applications, such as HD cameras.

The new P2 HD AJ-HPX2700 is a professional camera that replaces traditional tapes with high-density flash memory storage. The features simplify field production and media handling in the editing process, and increase mechanical reliability in the field.

The P2 HD Handheld AG-HPX170 is a pro-sumer camera that takes the high image quality and reliability of the AJ-HPX2700 and adds superior mobility with its compact and lightweight system.

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