Actel Human Machine Interface, Miniature Motor Control Daughter Card

Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced two plug-in daughter cards developed to manage human machine interface (HMI) and miniature motor control functionality. The new HMI Daughter Card and the Motor Control Daughter Card are offered as plug-ins to Actel’s popular IGLOO Icicle Kit. Combined with the company’s IGLOO-based storage and display-related development boards, design examples and intellectual property (IP) cores, the company believes these new control-related solutions will increase market penetration for Actel’s 5 microwatt IGLOO FPGAs in the rapidly growing portable market.

Actel Motor Control Daughter Card with the Icicle boardMotor Control Daughter Card Features

  • Portescap three phase sensored brushless DC motor
  • Portescap 4-wire bipolar miniature stepper motor
  • HEXFET motor power stage from International Rectifier
  • Operates from Icicle kit power (USB)
  • Windows-based GUI for evaluating motor performance parameters
  • Provisions for external 12 V power source for higher current motors
  • Complete design documentation and source files
  • Royalty-free design reference

Actel HMI Daughter Card with the Icicle boardHMI Daughter Card Features

  • 6 x 3 pressure activated keypad with overlay
  • Avago hi-brightness white and tri-color ChipLEDs
  • Current mode step-up LED drivers from Monolithic Power Systems
  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz tone generation with underside-mounted speaker
  • Windows-based GUI for exploring various settings
  • Operates from Icicle Kit power (USB)
  • Complete design documentation and source files
  • Royalty-free design reference

Customers can purchase the $99 Icicle Kit from Actel. The HMI and motor control daughter cards can be purchased from Avnet’s Design Resource Center. Pricing for the daughter cards is $139 and $229 for the HMI and motor control solutions, respectively. The RTL design files, packaged as design examples, will also be available for free download from Actel’s website.

Co-developed with partners Ishnatek, a design services company, and Avnet Memec, a division of Avnet, the new HMI and miniature motor control solutions provide a platform-based design approach, enabling designers to quickly and easily address changing requirements, implement custom algorithms, and make design changes through device reprogramming.

The HMI Daughter Card demonstrates keypad control, brightness control for white LEDs, color mixing for red, green blue (RGB) LEDs and tone generation, which is beneficial for applications like smart phones, portable gaming consoles and remote control devices. The Motor Control Daughter Card demonstrates brushless DC and stepper motor control and can support a variety of functions often found in portable medical, industrial and consumer applications, such as respirators, infusion and volumetric pumps, smart phones and security cameras.

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