Cryptographic Cores for Actel FPGAs Feature DPA Resistance

Seveal Actel FPGA devices are now usable with cryptographic cores with differential power analysis (DPA) resistance. Engineers can now use SmartFusion, Fusion, ProASIC 3 and IGLOO devices to protect their secret keys from DPA attacks by implementing AES, GCM or ECC intellectual property cores from IP Cores, Inc. The cores are the first commercially available cryptographic cores for FPGAs offering DPA resistance.

In systems exposed to potential attackers, strong mathematical cryptography is not enough to protect secrets from leaking out of unintended side-channels such as power supply pins or via electromagnetic emanations. Intellectual property cores from IP Cores, Inc use patented techniques to protect the secret keys from being discovered using side-channel analysis.

Actel is the only FPGA company with a Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI) DPA patent portfolio license. To use such cores on non-licensed FPGAs, designers must port the IP core and obtain a license from CRI. Actel customers no longer need to design these cores themselves or negotiate a CRI patent license.

IP Cores, Inc. specializes in IP cores for semiconductors, primarily in the areas of security and cryptography.

More information: IP Cores, Inc | Actel