Ambric to Exhibit at Multicore EXPO 2008

Ambric(R), Inc. will be exhibiting and giving a talk at Multicore EXPO 2008. Ambric will showcase its new version of aDesigner(TM), a software development tool suite which now has comprehensive performance analysis capabilities. It will also demonstrate the Am2045(TM) massively parallel processor array (MPPA) device and the Am2045 GT(TM) development and accelerator board. The Am2045 device offers leading-edge performance with low power to meet the growing demands of embedded systems in signal processing, imaging, video processing, wireless, network security and other industries.

The Am2045 is capable of replacing multiple FPGAs and/or DSPs in an embedded system solution, as it has more than 300 processors on a single chip. It delivers more than one-TeraOPS processing power and utilizes just 6 to 12 watts of power, depending on the application. The solution provides significant savings in development cost and time-to-market. Ambric’s MPPA device offers the performance capabilities of an FPGA while eliminating the associated timing closure problems. In addition, Ambric’s device offers 6 to 25 times the performance and two-thirds reduction in code when compared with a TI C641x DSP.

In addition, Ambric’s Mike Butts, lead hardware architect and Ambric Fellow, will give a talk entitled “Addressing Software Development Challenges for Multicore and Massively Parallel Embedded Systems.”

Ambric will be exhibiting at Multicore EXPO from Tues., April 1 through Wed., April 2 in booth 23 in the Great America Ballrooms J & K. The Ambric talk will be given on Thurs., April 3 at 8:05 a.m. to 8:35 a.m. in conjunction with the serving of a gourmet breakfast.

More information: Multicore EXPO 2008 | Ambric