VMETRO AD3000 and AD1500 ADC

VMETRO announced two new high-speed analog input XMC modules, the AD3000 and the AD1500. The AD3000 is a single channel 3GSPS ADC and the AD1500 is a dual channel 1.5GSPS ADC. The modules’ analog input features either a National Semiconductor ADC083000 or ADC081500 8-bit converter. Both ADCs share a common FPGA back-end with either a Virtex-5 SX95T or LX110T FPGA and are directly connected to the analog input. This combination of high-speed analog input and high-performance FPGA processing is ideal for demanding real-time applications such as Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), Radar and Telecommunications.

An LVPECL trigger input, an LVPECL output, an LVTTL output and the sample clock input are provided on the front panel. This connectivity allows the AD3000 and AD1500 to be operated in a range of modes, including multi-board synchronous sampling.

Host software support includes Windows, VxWorks and Linux, including drivers for high-speed DMA access between the XMC and host CPU, FPGA reconfiguration and diagnostics. Example software and firmware are provided for using the National Semiconductor ADC083000 and ADC081500 with the Virtex-5 FPGA as well as the external memory.

Both the AD3000 and the AD1500 will be available in XMC and PMC form factors, for air and conduction-cooled environments. Pricing starts at $13,995. The AD3000 is expected to ship in Q3 2007. The AD1500 is expected to ship in Q3 2007.

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