Aldec Active-HDL 7.3

Aldec, Inc. released Active-HDL 7.3 today. The 7.3 release includes multi-threaded HDL compilation, new waveform viewer, and expanded VHDL 2006 construct support. The new version improves performance in VHDL, Verilog, and mixed RTL compilation and simulation. Active-HDL is a mixed-language design creation, FPGA Project Management and simulation environment supporting VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, and SystemC.

Active-HDL 7.3 Highlights

  • Multi-threaded VHDL Compilation
    Aldec has implemented multi-threaded compilation for VHDL designs. If Active-HDL 7.3 is installed on machines with multi-core CPUs, the compilation process can be up to 3 times faster. The compilation time of source files based on single processor has been reduced by 40% on average in comparison to the previous version of Active-HDL.
  • New Advanced Waveform Viewer
    In addition to the Standard Waveform Viewer/Editor, Active-HDL 7.3 now offers the full integration of a new and high-performance Accelerated Waveform Viewer. The new high performance waveform viewer is backward compatible and enables opening, zooming, scrolling, viewing and management of large files (4GB and larger) almost instantaneously. Active-HDL 7.3 can read and write from the waveform database up to 4x faster then previous releases, while decreasing system memory requirements and file size. Signals, including Verilog memories or large VHDL records can be expanded without delay. The new waveform viewer is optimized to support all design sizes and long simulation runs making it ideal for designers utilizing the largest devices from Altera Stratix® III and Xilinx Virtex(TM) 5.
  • VHDL 2002 and 2006 Support
    Active-HDL 7.3 includes enhanced support for VHDL 2002 and 2006 constructs and now supports protected types introduced in the 2002 revision of the VHDL standard (IEEE Std 1076-2002(TM)). The VHDL compiler can now compile source files containing protected envelopes, file types and aliases inside VHDL 2002 protected types.

Active-HDL is available in four configurations – Desktop Master (DM), Designer Edition (DE), Plus Edition (PE), and Expert Edition (EE). The software is available in floating or node-locked configurations. Active-HDL 7.3 is available today. You can also download a FREE evaluation copy of Active-HDL 7.3.

More info: Aldec Active-HDL