Actel SoftConsole Version 2.2

Actel introduced version 2.2 of SoftConsole development environment for embedded design. The latest version features enhanced capabilities for debugging, downloading programs, and supportting Microsoft Vista. SoftConsole is a single programming environment that enables software engineers to write and debug C and C++ programs targeted at Actel’s portfolio of embedded processors, including ARM Cortex-M1 and Core8051s. SoftConsole version 2.2 is based on open-source tools, including the CodeSourcery ARM7 and Cortex-M1 GNU C Compilers (GCC) and GNU Debugger (GDB), Eclipse IDE, and 8051 Small Device C Compiler (SDCC). SoftConsole works seamlessly with Actel’s Libero Integrated Design Environment, development kits, and FlashPro3 programmer. SoftConsole is available for free via download.

More info: Actel SoftConsole