Aldec RTAX4000S Reprogrammable Prototyping Solution

Aldec, Inc. introduced a reprogrammable, flash-based prototyping solution for Actel Corporation’s (NASDAQ: ACTL) largest antifuse device, the RTAX4000S. The solution features dual ProASIC®3 A3PE3000 FPGAs from Actel. The solution greatly simplifies the prototyping process of space-flight systems, provides designers with a solution to design across multiple aerospace projects, shortens design cycles and drastically lowers project costs. The Aldec reprogrammable RTAX4000S prototyping solution is available today.

The RTAX4000S prototyping adaptor board includes a unique dual-stacked board configuration; a ProASIC3 A3PE3000 FPGA connected to the top daughter board is attached to the lower motherboard, which contains a second ProASIC3 FPGA. The bottom part of the adaptor is footprint-compatible with RTAX CQ352 devices, allowing the soldering of the adaptor board to the PCB as a regular RTAX device. Connected by a set of high-speed connectors, the dual-stacked, high-performance prototyping board allows implementing design changes easily. The adaptor board can be soldered/unsoldered several times, thus can be utilized for different projects, further reducing cost and increasing the long-term practicality aspect of using the Aldec prototyping solution.

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