Actel Mixed-Signal Power Manager

The Mixed-Signal Power Manager (MPM), from Actel, is a reference design and graphical user interface (GUI) tool included in the Fusion Advanced Development Kit. MPM helps designers control and reduce power at the system level. It offers fully-verified, timing-closed, proven-in-hardware power supervision and management capabilities. Designers can configure power management sequencing, levels, or thresholds using an easy-to-use standalone GUI tool, which also enables the user to program the MPM design into the Fusion device. Designers using MPM can replace discrete power management devices, add more flexibility by leveraging Fusion’s reprogrammable flash FPGA technology, and reduce total parts count at the board level. MPM delivers highly-configurable, integrated power management using one high-reliability low-power flash-based Fusion mixed-signal FPGA.

More information: Actel Mixed-Signal Power Manager