Reprogrammable Prototyping for Actel RTAX Space-Flight FPGA Webinar

Aldec and Actel are offering a webinar entitled, Innovative Reprogrammable Prototyping for Actel RTAX Space-Flight FPGA Designs. The webcast will take place Thursday, January 15, 2008 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (USA) and 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Central European Time.

Designers working on Actel RTAX projects know that even the most advanced simulation models do not fully reflect the behavior of real hardware. Any design errors not showing in simulation can be extremely costly if you catch them after programming RTAX device. While existing prototyping solutions use disposable, one-time programmable devices, Aldec innovative prototyping solutions use reprogrammable flash-based devices and auxiliary software for netlist conversion to save engineers time and money. This webinar presents technical insight into Actel system critical technologies and Aldec prototyping solutions.


  • Today’s Prototyping Approach
  • Advantages of Reprogrammable prototyping
  • Actel RTAX and ProASIC3 Technologies Brief
  • Aldec Reprogrammable Prototyping Solutions
    • Concept Overview
    • RTAX2000S CQ352, CG624
    • RTAX4000S CQ352
    • Supported Configurations
    • EDIF Netlist Converter
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Re-programmable prototyping
  • Questions and Answers

More info: Actel and Aldec Webinar (USA) | Actel and Aldec Webinar (Europe)