Across the Network – 2007.11.09

Opal-RT TestDrive OP6000 Engine ECU Testing System
Opal-RT Technologies Inc. recently rolled out their latest version of TestDrive(TM) OP6000 Engine ECU Testing System. TestDrive OP6000 is a powerful system for improving Electronic Control Unit (ECU) quality throughout the entire production process with real-time open- or closed-loop simulation. It enables test and control engineers to exercise ECU design in a complete virtual environment, including extreme conditions, by replicating all the loading and sensory feedback of an actual vehicle under realistic conditions.

Semiconductor Chip Sales – September 2007
According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), worldwide sales of semiconductors in September grew to $22.6 billion, an increase of 5.9% over September 2006 and an increase of 5.0% from August of this year. Third-quarter sales of $67.8 billion increased 5.9% from the like period of 2006 when sales were $64.0 billion. Third-quarter sales were 13.2% higher than the second quarter of 2007 when sales were $59.9 billion. For the first nine months of 2007 sales were $188.8 billion, 3.5% ahead of the $182.5 billion for the first nine months of 2006.

Freescale Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Freescale Semiconductor offers a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that contains a capacitive pressure sensor for ultra-low power consumption and precise sensing. Freescale’s MPXY8300 system-in-package device provides a highly integrated, cost-effective solution that combines an advanced pressure sensor with an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), 2-axis accelerometer, and radio frequency (RF).

National Instruments Pan-European Automated Test Summit
National Instruments is hosting their Pan-European Automated Test Summit online. The event features technical sessions on identifying trends and overcoming new challenges in automated test. The Automated Test Summit is a free, full-day event that will take place on November 27th (9am – 5pm UK/GMT). During the summit, attendees can view keynote presentations, watch technical sessions, participate in live Q&A forums and interact with vendors in the exhibitor area. The event will be available on demand for 30 days after the live event.

EnOcean STM 110 Wireless Sensor Module
The EnOcean STM 110 module is a wireless, battery-free sensor transmitter that integrates all sensor functions into a single module. The module targets OEMs developing products for commercial building monitoring and control, industrial processes, lighting control, automated metering infrastructures, and home automation. The EnOcean STM (Sensor Transmitter Module) 110 harvests and stores solar energy, converts DC to DC efficiently, measures incoming data with ultra low power electronics and transmits via radio signals.

IBM Researches Carbon Nanotubes
IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists have measured the distribution of electrical charges in tubes of carbon that measure less than 2nm in diameter, 50,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair. The technique, which relies on the interactions between electrons and phonons, provides a detailed understanding of the electrical behavior of carbon nanotubes, a material that shows promise as a building block for much smaller, faster and lower power computer chips compared to today’s conventional silicon transistors.

WIN Enterprises PL-01039 Network Security Platform
WIN Enterprises PL-01039 is a 1U rack-mount high-performance platform that is easily modifiable to support a range of security applications, including IDS/IPS, firewall, VPN gateway, Unified Threat Management (UTM), antispam, and antivirus. The device’s motherboard, the MB-09042, is also available for OEM purchase. These products support single Intel(R) Dual Core(TM) Xeon(R) LV/ULV processors with 667MHz FSB and offer a broad selection of connector cards to meet an OEM’s specific I/O requirements.

300mm Fab Capacity to Double
According to a recent SEMI Fab Database report, device manufacturers continue to invest significantly in additional 300mm fab capacity despite the steep pricing declines experienced by memory. In total, worldwide 300mm capacity will double from the beginning of this year by the end of 2008 as 25 new 300mm high-volume fabs come online. By the end of 2008, only 73 300mm fabs will provide over 6.2 million wafers per month. The fab landscape is changing; fewer but larger fabs are being constructed.

LitePoint IQmax MIMO, IQwave for WiMAX
LitePoint’s IQmax MIMO system targets WiMAX devices with Wave 2 functionality. The mobility adjuncts to the current WiMAX standard (IEEE standard 802.16e-2005) require capabilities beyond those of earlier versions, and LitePoint’s new system provides those capabilities. The current WiMAX mobile radio interface uses scalable orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (SOFDMA) and supports multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications technology. The result is greater coverage, lower power consumption, and more efficient spectrum and bandwidth utilization.

IBASE Technology’s (TASDAQ: 8050) IB940 full-size CPU card is designed for industrial computing environment. The board features front size bus of 533/800/1066MHz, PCI Express x16 graphics interface as well as PCI x1 I/O ports. The IB940 delivers 64-bit computing with faster access to peripheral I/O devices. The IB940 utilizes the latest Intel(R) Q965 chipset to support Intel’s Core(TM)2 Duo processors.

Laser Sensor Lags Radar
Despite early adoption among Japanese car makers, laser sensor installations lag behind radar installations when it comes to collision avoidance and mitigation systems. For 2013, Strategy Analytics forecasts 4.5 million units of radar sensors compared with only two million laser sensors for distance warning applications, such as adaptive cruise control.

TI ADS5474 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
The ADS5474, by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), is the industry’s fastest monolithic 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) at 400 mega samples per second (MSPS). The new ADC offers 11.1 effective number of bits (ENOB) at this speed, enabling high-bandwidth applications such as test and measurement instrumentation, software-defined radio, radar systems and communication instrumentation that were previously confined to lesser resolution ADCs.

Wi-Fi Mesh Networking Market
According to In-Stat, the Wi-Fi mesh networking equipment shipment grew by over 100% in 2006 and will grow by over 90% in 2007. Strong growth will continue for Wi-Fi mesh access points (APs) for the next several years, as shipments grow more than three-fold between 2006 and 2011, the high-tech market research firm says. Most of that growth however will come between 2006 and 2008, with growth rates rapidly declining starting in 2009.