Altera Stratix IV EP4SE820 FPGA

Altera introduced the Stratix IV EP4SE820 FPGA. The EP4SE820 extends the high-end density range of Altera’s 40nm Stratix IV E FPGAs to 820K logic elements (LEs). The resource-rich EP4SE820 FPGA enables developers to fit more logic for greater product differentiation at a lower cost. The Stratix IV EP4SE820 FPGA is ideal for a variety of high-end digital applications that require resource-rich FPGAs, including ASIC prototyping and emulation, wireline, wireless, military, and computer and storage applications.

Increasing the number of LEs in Stratix IV E FPGAs to 820K gives ASIC-prototyping designers the ability to implement much larger ASIC designs on a single FPGA, which simplifies board design and minimizes the number of design partitions. For engineers wanting to move their design into an ASIC after FPGA prototyping, Altera offers a low-risk, low-cost migration path to ASIC production with its HardCopy IV ASICs.

Stratix IV EP4SE820 FPGA Features

  • 820K LEs and 650K registers
  • 23.1 Mbits of 600-MHz embedded memory
  • 960 18×18 multipliers running up to 550 MHz
  • 1,120 I/Os
  • 1.25-Gbps LVDS performance
  • Altera’s patented Programmable Power Technology

Altera’s Stratix IV E FPGAs feature four devices ranging in density from 230K to 820K LEs. The new EP4SE820 delivers 53% higher density than Altera’s EP4SE530 device and is at least one speed grade faster than the closest competitor’s largest offering. The density, performance and power-saving features in the EP4SE820 FPGA enable designers to simplify design partitioning, accelerate verification cycle, and reduce total system power.

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