Altera MAX V CPLD Device Family

Altera launched their new MAX V CPLD device family. The MAX V CPLD devices use half the total power compared to competitive CPLDs. The MAX V CPLD device family includes seven members ranging in density from 40 to 2,210 LEs. The first two MAX V devices, the 5M80ZE64C5N and 5M240ZT100C5N devices, are available now, priced at $1.70 and $4.90, respectively (100-unit quantities). All MAX V family members will be available in full production by the end of the second quarter of 2011.
The MAX V maintains the instant-on, single-chip, non-volatile characteristics of the original MAX series.

Altera MAX V CPLD Highlights

  • Density ranges from 40 to 2,210 logic elements (LEs)
  • Delivers low power and high performance
  • Use up to 50% lower total power compared to other equivalent density CPLDs
  • Extended battery life with static power as low as 45 microwatts
  • As few as one power supply (Vcc-core) required, which also lowers bill of materials (BOM) costs
  • Offers more I/Os and logic per footprint at the same price as competitive CPLDs
  • Digital PLLs (DPLLs), which enable flexible implementation of designs requiring frequency multiplication or phase shifting
  • In-system programming (ISP), which lets you program the device while it is in operation, so you can perform in-field updates without affecting overall system operation
  • User flash memory, embedded flash memory that provides non-volatile memory storage of critical system information
  • Supported by Quartus II design software version 10.1
  • Variety of low-cost, halogen-free package types (EQFP, TQFP, and MBGA) that meet environmental standards
  • Ideal for wireline, wireless, industrial, consumer, computer/storage, automotive, broadcast and military applications

More information: MAX V CPLD