eASIC Nextreme Zero Mask-Charge ASIC Powers Nexus Chips

eASIC Corporation announced that Nexus Chips used eASIC’s Nextreme zero mask-charge ASIC in its latest 3D graphics acceleration system. By using Nextreme, Nexus Chips was able to obtain twice the performance while reducing power consumption by 80% compared to the FPGA that was previously being used. Nexus Chips graphic acceleration devices are targeted at 3D gaming applications for cellular phones and mobile instruments. Nextreme’s fast logic fabric and dedicated memories were ideal for implementing fast video datapaths required in Nexus Chips’ latest acceleration system.

Nexus Chips selected eASIC’s zero-mask charge, fast turnaround ASICs for they offer the flexibility and rapid time-to-market of FPGAs, but with significantly higher performance, lower cost and lower power per device. Nextreme devices provide a greener, lower power alternative to FPGAs. Nextreme devices replace millions of SRAM cells used for interconnect in FPGAs with a single via layer interconnect to dramatically reduce the die size and power consumption.

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