OneSpin Stand-Alone 360 EC-FPGA Equivalence Checker

OneSpin Solutions’ 360 EC-FPGA equivalence checker is now a stand-alone tool. Previously, 360 EC-FPGA was an extension of OneSpin’s 360 EC-ASIC equivalence checker. The stand-alone 360 EC-FPGA equivalence checker is the first sequential equivalence checking solution dedicated to and priced for the FPGA market. 360 EC-FPGA is the only equivalence checker to support all sequential optimizations performed by FPGA synthesis tools. The tool helps designers verify functionality without disabling the advanced synthesis optimizations vital to achieving functional, performance and cost goals.

The stand-alone 360 EC-FPGA now supports all Altera Stratix® and Cyclone® FPGAs, and HardCopy®; most Xilinx Spartan(TM) and Virtex(TM) products; and the Synplicity® Synplify Pro® synthesis flow – including gated clock conversion.

360 EC-FPGA, which is synthesis tool independent, verifies functional equivalence between the register transfer level (RTL) code and post-synthesis FPGA netlist, and between the post-synthesis netlist and post-place-and-route FPGA netlist. It efficiently proves, without time-consuming simulation, that design functionality is preserved through all implementation phases – detecting errors and mismatches introduced by sophisticated FPGA synthesis optimizations, and dramatically reducing debug time. The solution supports both prototyping and production-part verification.


  • First equivalence checker to support all sequential FPGA synthesis optimizations
  • Ensures that highly optimized, complex FPGA designs are free of synthesis and optimization errors
  • Does not require any simulation or test-vectors
  • Eliminates the need for synthesis ‘side files’ and extensive scripting
  • Verifies the FPGA design ‘as is’ without simulation and design modifications or restrictions
  • Enables competitive functionality, performance, power, and cost of FPGA designs
  • Uses an extensive set of fully automatic design consistency checks to rapidly detect common coding errors
  • Delivers industry-leading ease of use

The new 360 EC-FPGA solution is available now for Linux 32/64 bit and Solaris 32/64 bit platforms. A one-year, time-based license for either Altera or Xilinx devices (“single vendor license”) is priced at U.S. $ 40,800. A full one-year time-based license for both Altera and Xilinx (“full license”) is priced at U.S. $ 57,100.

More info: OneSpin 360 EC-FPGA Equivalence Checking Solution