National Association of Broadcasters Show Features Altera FPGAs

At the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, Altera will showcase a range of FPGA devices and complete solutions for the broadcast industry. At the show, Altera will demonstrate the broadcast performance capabilities of Cyclone, Arria, and Stratix FPGA families and HardCopy ASICs. Altera’s FPGA and ASIC devices help designers achieve optimal price, performance, and power for broadcast applications. 2010 NAB will take palce in Las Vegas Convention Center from Monday, April 12, to Thursday, April 15, 2010.

Altera Broadcast Demonstrations

  • Altera’s video framework, which accelerates time to market by combining an optimized video design tool flow with broadcast-quality hardware reference designs
    • Support for 3D processing and 4K resolution
    • Enables the highest picture quality by maximizing external memory bandwidth — 1067-Mbps DDR3 support with 90 percent efficient multi-port memory arbiter
  • Format conversion with video support from SD to 4K, which can now be achieved on Altera’s Arria II GX FPGAs, offering operators significant power and cost reduction
  • Altera’s Arria II GX A/V Development Kit, which runs essential reference designs for PCI Express (PCIe) video capture, format conversion, and audio embed functions
  • Reconfigurable video CODEC solutions, including MPEG2, AVC-I, and JPEG2000
  • Altera’s Cyclone IV GX FPGAs with 3G SDI and PCIe support are the ideal choice for cost-sensitive broadcast and professional audio/video applications such as camcorders and converters

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