AdvancedIO expressXG FPGA Framework for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Development

expressXG, from AdvancedIO Systems, is a FPGA framework that enables engineers to quickly solve system communication problems. The framework delivers the tools to embed applications directly into AdvancedIO’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) interfaces. The applications benefit from the line-rate performance capability of FPGAs by leveraging AdvancedIO’s expertise implementing Ethernet communications for demanding real-time systems. expressXG is now available and shipping.

expressXG is a framework of FPGA firmware and host software that abstracts the details of Ethernet protocols and interfaces such as 10GbE controllers, memory controllers, and host fabric interfaces, thereby reducing the development effort and schedule for designers to implement custom algorithms. The removal of hardware dependencies also enables future code portability.

Designers recognizing the abilities of AdvancedIO’s 10GbE products to meet line-rate processing requirements requested the opportunity to tightly couple their proprietary or classified algorithms into the data flow as a means of overcoming previously unsolvable system challenges. expressXG provides a sandbox region where they can include their own applications, building on top of a solid foundation of AdvancedIO’s 10GbE implementation experience and patent-pending technology.

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